Water Soluble

Available in: 20KG, 25KG, 1000KG

AG Blood Meal
A water-soluble source of high Nitrogen (N) fertilizer for Organic Crop production; suitable for use in soil or soil-less medium. It also contains Iron (Fe) and a wide range of amino acids that help in beer plant production.

AG Potassium Sulphate 0-0-50-17S
AG Potassium Sulphate is fine screened for rapid dissolution in making liquid fertilizer solutions and suspensions. This produce naturally offers the high potassium and sulfate sulfur growers need to consistently produce high quality, high yielding crops.

AG Kelp 0-0-15 (20KG)
A Kelp based, high in Potash (K), water soluble source for Organic Crop production. It is formulated to enrich the medium with Potassium, organic matter and trace elements. It also contains natural growth regulators which are essential to plant health and play vital role in plant physiology.