Granular Fertilizer

Available in: 25KG, 1000KG

AG General Purpose 4-3-9
Suitable for organic production in soil or soil-less medium for all crops / plants. Apart from NPK it is enriched with Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur and a wide range of supplements including Humic Acid and other organic acids. All nutrients are in their naturally occurring form to provide continuous slow release of nutrients and   facilitate balanced growth. It is an excellent fertilizer for seedlings and as an additive to soil-less mixes.

AG Blood Meal 12-0-0
A granular source of high Nitrogen (N) fertilizer for Organic Crop production; suitable for use in soil or soil-less medium. It also contains Iron (Fe) and a wide range of amino acids that help in better plant production.

AG Feather Meal 12-0-0
Feather Meal 12-0-0 organic fertilizer is high in nitrogen, steamed and powdered, yet slow-releasing for healthier plants.  It is an ideal fertilizer for most leafy green vegetables, corn, brassicas, fall sown cover crops and for heating up compost piles. Mix this product with your soil before planting for best results.

AG Potassium Sulphate 0-0-50+17S
AG Potassium Sulphate is sized to blend well with most other agricultural grade nutrient sources and performs well in broadcast spreaders. This produce naturally offers the high potassium and sulfate sulfur growers need to consistently produce high quality, high yielding crops.

AG Sulphur 0-0-0-90S
Specifically formulated sulphur fertilizer (0-0-0-90) is designed to quickly degrade, disperse and convert to sulphate throughout the growing season for long lasting nutrition and high yields. Yearly applications will improve soil sulphur levels and loss associated with soluble nutrients.

AG Rock Phosphate 0-3-0
Most soils are deļ¬cient of Phosphorus, therefore, to obtain superior quality of produce its addition to soil is must. ROCK PHOSPHATE is a good organic source of Phosphorus (P) and contains fair amount of wide range of minerals. It helps in building stronger root system, especially in roses. Its addition to compost enriches it with valuable nutrients for plants use.

AG Granular Humic Acid
An organic growth simulant and soil supplement enriched with wide range of naturally occurring minerals and plant based materials. It is recommended for use in all types of soils & crops including fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, turf and ornamentals. Because of its high organic content it is especially useful for soils that are low in organic matter.