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Helping to Change Our Future.

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AG Global produces affordable, reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly fertilizers and soil enhancers by using natural and organic resources.

An Overview


Who is AG Global

We are one of the largest natural and organic fertilizer manufacturers in Canada with variety of retail products available.

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Our Mission and Core Values

To develop and provide the highest quality natural and organic alternatives to traditional fertilizer products.

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Helping To Change Our Future

Humanity cannot afford to ignore the potential risks associated with chemical and natural gas derived fertilizers.

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Why Organic and Natural

The sustainability of our world and civilization fundamentally depends on nutrients.

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We Empower People To Live In An Environmentally Conscious World

We’re proving every day that biodegradable and eco-friendly turf fertilizer production is a solid business with positive benefits on local economies and ecologies. AG Global produces and distributes a number of natural and organic fertilizers, organic based fertilizers, water soluble fertilizers and slow release fertilizers.

Our vision is to provide high efficacy, non-toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly turf fertilizers to all market segments including retail, certified organic, open field, greenhouse & hydroponic crops, fruits and vegetables, turf, landscape, nurseries and more.

The entire AG Global team believes that humanity cannot afford to ignore the potential risks associated with chemical and natural gas derived fertilizers.

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